SWE Jitters

So, my Service Wide Exam is coming up on the 5th at 12:30pm.

I’m nervous.

150 Questions.

3 Hours

The possibility to promote to E-7.

Now, I see only two possibilities on this test, and they are thus:

Possibility the First: I will write very high on the test. However, I will not promote. I will walk around angry, dejected, and bitter for approximately 4 months before carrying on and preparing for the next servicewide in May of 2010. This is the most likely option.

Possibility the Second: I will write very high on the test. However I WILL promote. But then, i’ll be all like… “Really?! Seriously… WTF… How did that happen? Well Crap”. And then I will be a Chief.

Honestly? Both options scare me.


Once an orphan…

I’m sure you have heard the saying “Once and orphan, always an orphan”. Most people have. Well, there is an achievement in WoW called [Once an orphan]. The point was to go in to a battleground, and kill 10 players who have their orphans out during Children’s Week.

I thought it was an awesome idea for an achievement.

Well, those heartless pigs that don’t understand SARCASM throughout the world have apparently taken offense to what was intended to be a joke.

The achievement?

G O N E!

It’s not even in the game anymore. Apparently, enough people are convinced that their precious little feelings are so friggin important that they can push their ideals on everyone else.

Now, if there was a majority vote on this one, and 50.1% of the WoW population wanted it gone… then that’s fine. But when two or three wacked out complainers or activists get it in their head that this is “over the line” for a sarcastic joke in a game rated “T”… then something is wrong.

Anyways, back to children’s week.

This event is coming up quickly, and I’m excited. I’ll be underway on the ship for a while so I’m not positive that I’ll be here for it. But I really hope my wife likes me enough to complete it for me.

I really want the Achievement of [What a long strange trip it’s been]. That one is gonna rule!

Just STOP talking!

So, I  got out of bed this morning at 7am. That’s normal for me. I have to be to work before 8am. That’s plenty of time to squat shower and shave. Well, I laid down on the couch for what I thought would be an extra 10 minutes of sleep. Well, I was wrapped in this really comfortable fleece blanket. Well, lo and behold… I slept for a little more than 10 minutes. I SHOT UP at 10 minutes to 8. I was freaking out, running up and down the hall trying to get my son out of bed. Screaming like an idiot because I CAN NOT afford to be late for work again.

Well, I thrown on a uniform and push hayden down the stairs and jump in the car. We come screeching in to his school parking lot. I’m running about 25 minutes behind my normal schedule at this point. It’s about 7 minutes to 8 and I’m barely gonna make it on time if hayden would just hurry up and get OUT of the car!

Well, he gets out and starts up the stairs. I looked back to the front of the car only to see my BOSS standing in front of me.

Seriously… why the hell is my BOSS standing in front of my car, at my son’s school, preventing me from going anywhere when I’m allready late.

Really? That’s all I could say… was “Really?!”

Well, it turns out that my warrant officer/shop supervisor is also heavily involved in my sons school because the CWO’s wife works there and his son attends there. So thats not a big supprise to see him there. But this morning? C’mon… I’m late.

So, he and one of the other CWO’s from the base here in town walk over to the car and proceed to point out I’m running a little behind.

Allow me to illustrate.

CWO Andrews: You’re running a little late aren’t you IT1?

IT1 Me: Just a little Sir. But I’m gonna be there on time.

CWO Schaffer: You know that we’re voting on parent council today, don’t you IT1?

IT1 Me: Didn’t know that Sir. where do I sign.

{I pick 4 of 5 names for the next parent council}

(he points to a spot on the paper for me to sign and validate that I picked parent council members[I didn’t vote for the child molestors wife FWIW])

CWO Andrews: Thanks so much for voting IT1. By the way, did you just wash your car?

IT1 Me: I did Sir. But, I’m going to be late.

CWO Schaffer: You know, voting is important, it’s how…(at this point I stopped listening because I was LATE!)

IT1 Me: Well Sir’s, I’m running late, so I gotta run……

/me SLAMS on the accelerator


It was a short exchange that honestly just wasted three minutes of my life.

I got to the office, parked, RAN inside and sat down just in time for quarters. I made it by the skin of my teeth.

Well, I was explaining to the ET Chief what had happened, only to find out that if I WAS late because of that, since it was the Chief Warrant Officer that held me up, I would have been given a freebie on being late.

Great… Thanks Chief. You rock!

I made it to work.

I wasn’t late.


I voted this morning.

So far, it’s been an interesting day.

What am I looking at?

You might wonder what it is that you are seeing right now.
Well, it’s actually quite easy.
I enjoy World of Warcraft.
I enjoy Politcs.
I enjoy Religion.
I enjoy my Job.
So, i’m writing about everything that I enjoy.
If you are hoping to find a good resource for WoW, then you will probably want one of the blogs my wife writes for.
Anything else is gonna be hit or miss. It’s mostly random, mostly angry, and really makes almost no sense when bundled together.
I hope you consider my rants to be even a little worth listening to.


You’re doing it wrong

I was torn on what to title this post, so I have decided to use them both. I proudly present:






I do not consider myself to be a scholar by any means, however, there are a number of words that just anger me when people decide to either not pronounce them properly, or just don’t give a rats behind.


I intend to show you how you are, in fact, doing it wrong.


I give you the following:



Medivh is the guy who let the horde into Azeroth. Some people consider him to be a pretty irritating guy. Others think he payed for his mistake in Warcraft III when he setup the whole Mt. Hyjal thing with Thrall and Jaina.

The reason that this word pisses me off so much is because people do not pronounce it correctly. In written type, the name Medivh can be butchered to no end. However, if you have game sounds turned on, or have played Warcraft 3 or Warcraft 2, then you know the truth.

It is not “Med Vuh”.

It is not “Mee duh vuh”.

It is not  “Med Eee Vee”.

The proper pronunciation is “Meh-Deeve”

The next time someone screws this up, smack them, kick them from the guild, educate them, then publicly ridicule them on the realm forums.



Shattrath is the city of refugees that is stuck in the corner of Terokkar forest. You can’t PvP there, but you can throw yourself from the aldor rise and successfully kill yourself.

The reason that this work pisses me off so much is again, pronunciation. I look at this word and see something very simple. Let’s do a breakdown. Shall we?





People call this city “Shatt” for short. It’s easier. It has a good flow to it. People enjoy doing it. So, tell me, how the hell do these same well educated people look at this work and see Shatharuh city?

That’s right, “Shath-uh-ruh”.


The next time someone screws this up, smack them, kick them from the guild, educate them, then publicly ridicule them on the realm forums.



This is a reletivily new one that pisses me off. The city has been in the game since day one. However, people have only recently begun to butcher the name. Blizzard uses the Long “A” sound, the short “A” sound, and the “Uh” sound for “A’s” all the time. The trick is knowing when to use what.

So, lets look at this word.


I’ll give you a hint. There are who long A’s and an UH.

The proper pronunciation is as follows.

DAL. That’s like “HAL” from A space odyssey: 2001.

UH. That’s like “Uh, wut?”

RAN. Like…. Ran. If you try and read too deep into that one, you need kicked in the back of the knee.

Don’t say it like you are English, or Australian, or a Kiwi, or any other breathy sounding nationality. That is, unless you really ARE one of those nationality, then it just sounds awesome! Seriously, ask an Australian to say “Water”. It’s great! But like I was saying…

It’s an AAAH. Kinda like your screaming. If you don’t understand me yet, get in my vent server and I’ll say it for you. REPETEDLY!



This one makes me want to claw my eyes out.

It’s a Re-“A”-gent.

Not a rEEjent.

Not a rEE”g”ent.

It’s a  RE “A” GENT.




Last time I checked, Blizzard had an age limit to play this game (I could be wrong), but I’m pretty sure you should kinda have some knowledge of how to spell if you are going to use the chat function.

I’m going to be blunt here, I apologize in advance.

ROGUE = Sneaky thief guy who can sap, steal, and pops lock boxes. Usually picked last for groups.

ROUGE = Powdery make up that some women put on their faces so that rich guys will buy them food so that boobs can be squeezed!

Got it?

You screw it up again and I’ll kick you in the shin so hard your dog will limp from sympathy.



Scholomance was a school of magic before the invasion of the horde and the arrival of the scourge. Back in Vanilla WoW, a lot of players complained about Scholomance simply because it was a pain in the butt to get any good gear out of there for your specific class. This meant that EVERYONE was running the place. Since everyone was running the place, a lot of people were pronouncing it wrong. This is why I hate this word. Now, I don’t REALLY hate it. I like this word a lot when it is pronounced properly. It makes me smile. But when it gets butchered… I just want to SCREAM!

Scholomance. Everyone gets the “MANCE” part right. Kudos to everyone for that.

But, the Scholo is the part that makes me cringe.

SCH can make a “SH” sound in some cases. But, not in this one.

The SCH makes the SK sound that you get from the word School.

The scholo (being a school after all) almost sounds like school when pronounced properly, but it is actually…


Easy, right?



There are a few other words in WoW that really anger me, but I have chosen to not chronicle them at this time. If you feel the need to get into vent with me, I’ll be happy to discuss words and such. But right now, this is a good starter.

DON’T SCREW THEM UP! Or I’ll kick you from the guild, educate you, then ridicule you on the forums!