Quick, the box is on fire.

My mind is made up of 24 boxes.

Each box contains a portion of my life. When I work on that portion, I mentally go in to that box. When my life is in balance, each box sits quietly on the shelf until I need it. When one box is out of whack, the contents will not usually interfere with any other boxes. This is a perk of being male.

HOWEVER… when one box is messed up enough, it will begin to mess with the boxes next to it on the shelf.  It’s as if the box itself is turned enough to move the boxes next to it on either side. When enough boxes get messed up because of one messed up box, then the whole shelving system can be thrown out of whack. Some parts more than others.

Right now… my boxes are so out of whack that some of them seem to be on fire and it’s spreading.

I really hope that I can keep it contained.

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