The Power of Sound

The Power of Sound

I was playing two different games recently. Well,

actually, three. But, it’s only kind of related. When playing World of
Warcraft, the sounds aren’t required, but the dialogue that goes back and forth
is amazing. This was a recent thought of mine while I was playing Descent 3

Phoenix in Skybox

I was flying around in Skybox and obliterating people
recently (Which is not really normal for me because I’m not very good) and I
realized that there was no voice communication going on. Now, I know that D3
doesn’t have integrated voice comms, but having something like that would be
great. Especially if I were playing a team game. (Memo to me: Get people to use
Vent!) Anyways, this caused me to think back to when I played on PXO. I had
four typed taunts, and four audio taunts. My typed taunts were lame, and if I
recall, they were the system defaults. But my audio taunts, those I really had
fun with.

Right here, my memories would
cross me over to when I played Descent: Freespace while my internet connect
wasn’t stable. The great thing about Freespace is there are some amazing radio
communications that go on between yourself and your squadron.  If you shoot a buddy, they yell at you. If
you complete an objective, it tells you. If you kill an enemy fighter, your
squadron buddies comment on the kill. 
This was great. I loved it.

But… How to utilize this in Descent?

After some file extraction, and some hacking and slashing
of audio files, I created four audio taunts. I imported them in to Descent 3
and I put them to use.

While getting my butt kicked in the beginning, if I died

horribly, then I would play taunt number 4:

“AAAAAGGGGggghhhhh……. *static*”

THAT WAS AWESOME! I was able to express the feeling of
being blown apart when I wasn’t as good as the guy next to me.

Well, a few minutes later, I got in to a dog fight with
someone of equal skill, and after circle strafing and firing like a madman, I
finally went down in flame. I punched audio taunt 3:

“Good kill pilot.”

I was able to successfully congratulate him. I’m grinning at this point.

An hour later, I’m in a CTF game and one of my blue team
mates isn’t paying attention and is just laying in to me with a plasma cannon.
My response? Audio taunt 2:


Oddly enough, he stopped.

Well, this was awesome, but not everything should be
strict radio comms, so I have audio taunt 1. This one I use when I am chasing
down two or more other people. While in the middle of a three way combat, I
smash on number 1 and get:

“I’ll be there in a second, I have to finish killing
this guy over here.”

Seriously, how awesome is that? Sarcasm with the push of
a button. That’s the kind of feature that I really enjoy.

So, I fly my ship, I shoot the other guys, and I can

communicate as I need. It’s kind of dumb, but it makes me grin.

Oh… and if you have NO idea what I’m talking about,

shoot me an e-mail… We’ll talk!

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