The Nerd Handbook

I’m not usually one to post from other blogs, other sources, or to even link directly to a persons blog who I know nothing about. However, I was surfing the net the other night and I stumbled on something that just engrossed me in its explanations.


The first thing I noticed about this guys blog is that he is a mac user. Right there I usually throw up the red flag, however, in this case, I let it go and I read the article. Hell, I even read the followup article.


So, if you read what I write, if you know me in person, if you have talked to me online, or if you have ever heard my rants over the phone, then I implore you to click the two links below and see what this guy has to say.

Seriously, if you know anyone like me, or are just trying to figure me out so you can deal with me as a person, then this will be helpful.


Leave him a comment, leave ME a comment (Leaving the comment for ME would be the ideal situation.), but let me know what you think.


THE CAVE @ RandInRepose

One comment on “The Nerd Handbook

  1. Dedra says:

    Here’s a comment. Read my blog and leave me a comment. STAT!

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