It’s not even a real sport!



This is something that you will hear screamed by entire crowds at a soccer game across the world whenever someone makes a goal. Well, it’s ‘football’ everywhere else, but I refuse to even admit that it’s a real sport.

There are only two real reasons to even watch soccer.

First: The hopes that a riot will start.

Second: Waiting for the bleachers to collapse and half ofEuropeto die.

Seriously, I don’t want to spend three hours watching a bunch of guys run back and forth across a field only for the game to end with a 0-0 tie. Screw that.

Anyways, soccer, football, and rioting Europeans have nothing to do with this post. I just realized I came up with a lame goal and that little tirade kinda just popped in to my head.


Anyways, on with the real post.


I think I just acquired a goal.


It’s a dumb one, but I think it took me a good solid 15 years to finally figure this one out.

I was playing Descent underway the last few days in an effort to keep my mind off of other more pressing issues, and in the process, I was asking myself, “Where is my after burner, and why haven’t I found any flash missiles yet?”.

Well, after looking at the map structure, it turns out I have been playing Descent 1, not Descent 2 like I had imagined. Being the 6DOF afficinado that I like to consider myself, I’m surprised I didn’t notice this earlier.

Well, since I am officially on level 12 of the 24 level set, I figure I’ll just keep going and see what happens. As this progressed, I came up with my idea.

I am going to complete the ENTIRE Descent series while I am underway this summer.

That’s nearly 83 missions.

I have never legitimately beaten any of these games. I have always just spent my time in Multiplayer.

Well, since I am 50% of the way through the first campaign, I’m just gonna keep on trucking.


I have a little over a half a million points so far, 15 extra lives, and I have only died twice where I happened to restore from a save.


Like I said, it’s a lame goal, but I’m going to try and pull it off.


Comments to the peanut gallery

Just a few short things I’ve wanted to say bu haven’t had anyone to say them to.

– I am participating in a funeral on the 8th. I get to dress up in my bravos.

– I’m the assigned EOW for ECC for all of the drills on the boat now. Not a huge deal, but kinda cool.

– I beat level 10 on Descent 2. Strangely, it’s the farthest I’ve ever gotten.

-My friend Rob is transferring off of the boat. It makes me sad.

– I lost a really big filling the other day. It hurts.

That’s all I guess.