I’m much too young to feel this damn old.

I am currently sitting in a vehicle traveling down the highway at 75 miles an hour.

Isn’t technology great? I’m cruising down a long slab of asphalt inside a poorly constructed steel box of death, while listening to music that is being played from a cell phone, and providing me an internet connection from SPACE!

S P A C E !!!

How cool is that?

Aside from being cool, that isn’t what I’m writing about right now.

Yes, I am driving down the road right now. I am driving to go to an appointment in Ohio that may determine my future in the Coast Guard.

This scares me.

It really shouldn’t though. From what I understand, I have had an amazing career thus far. I have letters from admirals and captains. I have marks that would impress just about any master chief in the service. I have sea stories of success and stupidity that would make most Boatswains mates shudder in awe.

Really, I have had an amazing career for the last 9 years.


Can you believe that? (I’ll get back on topic in  a moment) I didn’t think I could hold a job for over a year. Let alone nine. This amazes me on so many levels. I honestly think I’m successful where I am.

But I digress. My career has been amazing for the last nine years. This is what I’m hedging my bet on that will keep me in the service.

You see, if you don’t know me very well, then you may or may not be aware that I have ADD.

Seriously… I do. I know, it’s a big shock. It’s part of what makes me so friggin amazing. I know.

Anywho, the Coast Guard doesn’t usually like having those of us with this mental “super power” within their midst. So, they screen for it. If they find it within the first 6 months or so (180 days according to the manual) then they axe you and punt you back out in to civilian life.

Well, if your doctor can prove that you are high functioning, don’t require crazy meds, and it doesn’t impact your ability to work, then you are good to stay.

So, considering what I’ve done with my career, I’m pretty sure I’m safe.

Looking back on one of my last statements though, ADD isn’t allowed to impact your ability to work. Well, I’m an Information Systems Technician (IT). The majority of what I do is based in the computer world, attention to details that I personally find enjoyable, and is based almost completely off of what I would be doing in my spare time anyways.

Hell, I’m personally convinced that the Coast Guard should be looking up people that have this little “super power” and employing them specifically for this line of work.


You can insert a 45 second pause between this line and the one above it because that is about the amount of time that I just spent scratching my nose.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand.

I am going to be sitting in an interview with someone for a period of about two hours where they determine if I am going to be suitable to continue to serve in the Coast Guard. I don’t know how it will turn out. I have the highest hopes that this will be a routine visit where something will be notated in my medical record. Honestly only time will tell. I’ll be sure to post something that states if that is what happens or not. Who knows.

Anyways, it’s just another day in the amazing story that is my life.

And with that in mind, someone really needs to hurry up and get that film crew to start following me around. My life would make an AWESOME reality TV show. As much as I cannot stand reality TV, I’m pretty sure my life and the life of my family would make for awesome ratings.

Seriously. There is mystery, intrigue, scandal, hard work, humor, rebelliousness, nerd-dom, CAR CHASES and every so often you see me walking away from an explosion and not looking back. 100% truth! I just need to get a picture of the walking away from explosions thing next time. That one would be posted on my wall so fast you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself.


Yeah… cool guys don’t look at explosions. It’s just how it works.



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