My current dilemma

 So, I have a dilemma. As some of you may or may not know, I am a smoker.

I know, it’s bad for your health. It’s gross. It shortens lives. It’s against the word of wisdom. It goes against everything I was raised to know. Etc. etc. etc.


I don’t need the lecture right here or now. That isn’t the point of this post.

 The point of this post is this, my Engineering Officer has asked me to quit.

 Seems simple enough. He is even dangling a carrot in front of my while I work on it.

 One of my better friends (Chris Monkiewicz), was confronted with the same request/offer.

 So, after a few minutes of discussion, we have decided that this may actually be a good idea.

 So, after deciding that this might be a good idea, we decided that it will probably be a complete pain in the ass to actually do.  But still, it’s probably going to happen.

 As with everything else in life, there comes the serious of questions that define everything that happens; Who, What, When, Why, Where.

 So I offer up the following to you.

 WHO: Myself (Garen Anderson), and my friend (Chris Monkiewicz).

WHAT: Quit Smoking

WHERE: Uhm… right here? At… me? The boat? C’MON… this is a dumb one anyways.

WHEN: That’s the kicker right there now isn’t it?  We don’t know. I only know that it’s most likely going to happen. Probably within the next week considering I only have enough supplies for another carton on board.  The date will be posted soon.

WHY: Because as much as we may or may not enjoy the habit, we don’t really want to smoke. And we are being bribed.

 So, now that I know that this is most likely going to take place, I figure I’d talk a moment on why I do this.

Do I like to smoke? Not really. It’s a stress relief. Considering my life as of late, anything that relieves stress is a good thing in my book.

Does it taste good? Sometimes. Sometimes no. It really depends on the day, the brand, the weather, if I’ve been drinking lead laced water, and if I have just had a meal or not.

Additionally, have you ever had that first smoke after a meal? Oh my goodness, there is an odd satisfaction from it that just doesn’t come from anywhere else.

 I don’t like smoking. I don’t want to be that ex-smoker that makes everyone elses life hard. And I don’t want to come across as holier than thou to the rest of my friends, co-workers, or wife.

 So, if I pull it off, or if I don’t, I’m still going to try apparently.

 Here is to not being a smoker anymore.

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