Wait, Forever what?

Alright, while this one is religious as well, I’m going a slightly different direction with it. Please bear with me.

I was reading through a few of the Catholic creeds earlier tonight. Now, I have catholic friends. If my church didn’t exist, I would either be Catholic or Jewish. I have absolutely NO complaints with the Catholic church. I feel like I need to point that out quite heavily right off the bat.

This post is more or less an observation and my comments on the observation.

Okay, here we go.

Bob and Julie are dating each other. They decide to be good kids and abstain until marriage. (Good call guys!)
The wedding night comes.
They go to their hotel.
What happens next? Well, you don’t need to be a Rocket Surgeon or a Heart Scientist to figure that one out.

Yeah… That.
That’s EXACTLY what happens!
You know it. I know it. Bob and Julie know it. EVERYONE knows it. Hell, that little rocket liftoff probably takes place four or fives times in the next 48 hours. But I digress. I’m getting to my point. Almost there.

Now, every single married couple in the history of anything knows that this is what takes place. Now, additionally, most of us do this at least a few more times over the next 50 years of supposed marital bliss. Funny thing about that is this is where we get children.

Well, as I was saying, this is going to go back to the Catholic Creeds in a moment.
Let’s roll the clock back about 2,000+ years to the outskirts of Jerusalem. There was a pretty girl named Mary. She had a hot doggin slightly older boyfriend named Joseph. He had the looks, the hair (thick and curly), and a souped up donkey that he had just paid off. This guy had it all. Now, like any good couple, they were making the proper choice of waiting for the wedding night to do anything.
Well, an angel of the Lord comes along and says “Hey, Mary, guess what? You’re gonna be a mamma.”
Mary was a little thrown off but generally excited by this. Joseph was a tad thrown off, but after a little divine coercing, he agreed to the whole thing and was quite excited about being the father of the Messiah.

So, lets fast forward a bit. The little baby Jesus is born. Swaddled in linens, laying in a manger, and all the fun stuff we read about in the “My first bible” that seems to be in every single dentists office on the planet.
*Seriously, next time you go to a doctor or dentist, there will be one of those light blue books sitting on the table. I almost guarantee it!

Well, Jesus is born, and I don’t quite recall if it happened before or after the birth, but Joseph and Mary get married.
Lets go back a few lines in this post and you can see what Bob and Julie did.
That’s right, the exact same thing every other married person on the planet in the history of ANYTHING did…

Again, here we are.

And probably again within the next few days.

Or at least that is what nearly any person on the street would think.

Well, here comes the point. Thanks for following this far.

The Catholic church believes in a total of four major creeds.

The Athanasian Creed.
The Apostle’s Creed.
The Nicene Creed.
and the creed which caught my eye…
The Trentine Creed or The Creed of Pius IV.

The trentine creed was written in 1564 a.d.
It consists of 12 statements of belief that are akin to the 13 Articles of Faith that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints uses… except the Trentine Creed has some really off the wall stuff in it.

Number 8 is what caught my eye.

8. I most firmly assert that the images of Christ, of the mother of God, ever virgin, and also of the saints, ought to be had and retained, and that due honor and veneration is to be given them.

Okay… I got it. God, Mary, Saints. Good people. Honor and Revere them. I’m on it.

But wait… The mother of God, EVER VIRGIN…

wait wait wait… WHAT?

Okay, I understand that we are talking about the Virgin Mary here, but COME ON….
Virgin birth is a tenant of most christian beliefs. I personally support the idea of the virgin birth. But EVER VIRGIN?

Do you really mean to tell me that after Cool Joe, owner of the souped up donkey and the thick curly hair NEVER got the chance to be with his wife?

All those trips to the temple, all those trips to jerusalem, all those years of raising a child, and he never once got to be with her?


I don’t quite think I agree with what Pope Pious the IV is trying to say here.

If this statement by him really holds any water (which I don’t think it does), then Joseph got the raw end of the deal.

Just saying.


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