Media for your brain

Okay, while I was underway I was working on a list of music that made me smile, or generally made me feel a certain way. (Usually making me feel content and AWESOME!).

Anyways, I offer up a media post for you to view.

So, grab a soda, some nice headphones, and settle in for some good music.


I hadn’t heard this song since I was 18. Love it.


Something about this song just makes my foot tap.


Rick Astley did more than Never Gonna Give You Up.

This is his other song that makes me smile. Enjoy.


If you are offended by sex, drugs, swearing, and so forth… do NOT watch this.

If you are okay with it for the purpose of music, then this might be worth a look. Makes me think of my wife.


Wanna be famous? Write a 4 chord song! Axis of Awesome proves it!


Again with P!nk. Something about her music makes me smile.


There you go. A handful of videos that have NOTHING to do with each other. I hope you enjoy because I know I do.