30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 4

Day four is “Your Parents”.

So, without any fanfare, we will discuss my parents. Since I don’t find stats to be nearly as impressive, I’ll most likely tell a few stories.





My parents were married well before I came around. Which, in my mind, is exactly how it should be.

My father is an accountat by trade, at least, after 30 years of watching him I THINK that is what he does. I’m still fuzzy on this one belive it or not. He recently retired.

Mom was a housewife by trade. But the thing about her as a housewife is the fact that she was involved in crafts, small businesses, candies, festivals, auto repair, rubber stamp making, people management, all sorts of just randon things that she could market for nearly any purpose. She was a real jack of all trades. Best part of that though is she was REALLY GOOD at everything she did. Sadly, Mom passed away a two years ago.

I had never really bothered to ask much about when they were married. I think dad was a cop, and mom was a hitchhiker. I’m pretty sure there was a divorce in there somewhere, but I wasn’t around yet. There was a little time where dad wasn’t home. Other time where it seemed like he was ALWAYS home. Hindsight being what it is… I have no idea what the hell dad did for a living. That’s going to bug me. I’ll ask him when I get back in to port.

I have fond memories of going out and selling candy with my mother. We would work door to door on business streets hocking our wares. She’d feed us lunch on the cheap and put us right back to work. She taught me to deal with people. To handle money. She taught me how to sew, cook, clean, throw a party, move a house or a family across the country, how to play piano, how to win an argument, and how quiet dignity worked.

My father taught me how to turn a wrench. He taught me how to mow a lawn, sell the services of mowing that same lawn to my neighbors, and how to shutup once the deal was made. He taught me to drive a stick. He taught me how to bullshit with the best of them and how to get away with it. Of course, as they say, you can’t bullshit a bullshitter, so he’s mostly immune to my charms.

They both taught me how to do a long road trip. How to tear down from a party. How to kick people out of the house. They taught me a love for pepsi products and the joys of 7 layer dip.

Mom and dad taught me all sorts of cool stuff. I realized this after I was about 24 years old. Since that point, each time something in my life happens where I realize that they taught me the skill required to get through that tiral, I always call one of them and say thank you. They have saved my butt more than once and I figure that warrants a phone call.

Mom and Dad are pretty cool. I’ll give them that. I love them to death. I’ve looked past the flaws in my growing up, so it’s all pretty good in my eyes.

I know I can still call for help or advice as needed, but I try to avoid it as much as possible. They raised me well. I try and build off of that legacy. Honestly, it’s a tough couple of pairs of shoes to try and fill. Heaven knows I’m trying though.