Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare

Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare.

Seriously? Is it possible to be too honest?

Let’s chew on some deliciously salty food for thought, shall we?


-Yes honey, that dress DOES make your butt look big.

-Actually potential mate who happens to be a single mother, I find kids to be irritating and gross.

-No, I actually find organic food to be a supreme waste of money.

-No darling child, I love you and your siblings all the same.


Honesty is NOT always the best policy.

I’m sorry, but in my personal world view, I find that occasionally there is a time where shading the truth, omitting facts, or flat out ignoring something is going to be the best option available. No questions asked, hands down.

If we lived in a world where everyone was 100% honest 100% of the time in regards to 100% of all the things, then I believe we would find a way to cope with it. In fact, I believe it would make SOME things better.

Examples? Of course I have examples.

-ANYTHING politically charged! I’d like to see what the president had to say if he couldn’t lie for a few days.

-Courting rituals! Is this a one night stand or is he/she actually looking for love?

-Poker? Actually, this would ruin poker, but I’m sure we could come up with a new game if we tried.

-Fast food advertising! I’d like to see a poster that actually showed what a taco bell burrito looked like when they used truth to sell it.

***SIDE NOTE!***

Taco Bell burritos actually look like they are advertised. It’s everything else that doesn’t look accurate. I mean seriously, how hard is it to screw up the sale of a tortilla.

Regardless, back to the rant.


Truth is subjective to the situation where it is used in our current society. My religious roots tell me that the ability to choose… to choose right from wrong, good from evil, or truth from fiction is essential to our trial and purpose to being on this earth. Taking away ones free agency is something that would defeat the entire purpose of being here.

So… truth or dare… it’s a valid question. I choose truth simply because it is USUALLY the easiest method.

But are there times where it’s not the best option? Absolutely. It’s just up to the individual to determine when those situations arise.


*** Secondary side note!***

Darling wife: No, that dress does NOT make your butt look big.

Former Potential Mate: I do ACTUALLY like kids.

Organic Food Hippie: Sorry, Organic food IS still a scam. Sorry. And get a haircut you dirty hippie!

Loving children: I do love you equally! Sometimes I like one of you more than the other, but I LOVE you equally! (Don’t hate! I believe there is a difference between liking someone and loving someone. Deal with it!)


Whitney Houston was NOT a saint!

Okay, I got it. Whitney Houston is dead.

That’s a bummer. I know she had a nice voice. I know she did a little acting. And I know that she had a troubled life.



Abusive relationships.

Honestly though, a good deal of her problems were her own fault. I’m sorry, but just because someone was famous does NOT mean they get instant saint status just because they died. New Jersey is flying flags at half mast because she died.

I’m sorry, druggies don’t get my condolances.

I know it’s harsh bust seriously… She’s dead. Deal with it.


Thank you Ned.



No More Welfare Junkies

I saw this picture on facebook today.

I agree with what it says.

If you are on welfare, then you should be able to prove that you are living according to a set list of standards.

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I have personally seen so many people that live successfully off the system. Need more money? Have another kid. Pretend to look for a job and just let the checks roll in.

Take the benefits and buy crap.

Take the money and buy smokes, booze, and drugs.

I serve in the military and I am required to meet stringent requirements just so that those who don’t want to work can get a free ride and live however they want. Now, I know that I do what I do voluntarily. But this irks me that my money is paying for things that it shouldn’t be buying.

Well, I thought “Why doesn’t someone do something about this”.  Everyone wants to talk on facebook about how it needs fixed but no one does anything about it. Well, I wondered how hard it would be to actually DO something.

So, I looked up the basics of submitting an idea to become law. I found the following article.

Building a Bill in Congress
As soon as you start working with the United States Congress, you begin hearing about this bill or that bill. It’s as if someone named Bill is everywhere in Washington. In the congressional context, a bill is simply a proposal, an idea, that’s written up in legislation and presented to the Congress.

Starting with an idea
It all starts with an idea, a simple concept. You take that idea to your representative or senator because you see a need, you have a cause, and you want it to become a law.

Remember that only members of Congress can propose resolutions that are considered by the entire body. Your task comes down to convincing a member to actually want to introduce your idea.

Anyone can write up, or draft a bill, but only a member of Congress can introduce it. However, the more work that you do for members, the easier it is for them to work on your behalf. When you have a bill that you want Congress to consider, writing it up in legal language and presenting it to your representative or senator as a draft is a good idea. Lobbyists routinely draft legislative proposals.

Figuring out how to write a bill is easy. Just look up an existing bill on the congressional Web site and follow that format to compose your proposal. Although your representative may make a few changes, he and the staff won’t have to do as much work creating the bill by themselves.

Looking at the types of legislation
Several kinds of bills can be introduced and each one has a special designation.

The bill is the most common form of legislation. It’s an idea, a proposal, and in the House it receives the designation H.R. for House of Representatives (not House Resolution as many people think). In the Senate it gets S. for Senate. A bill becomes law when it’s approved by both the House and Senate and reaches the president’s desk for signature. After it’s signed by the president, it’s no longer called a bill, but becomes an “Act.”

A resolution is much the same as a bill, except that it’s usually concerned with the operation of the House or Senate. In other words, it’s about something that concerns only the institution and doesn’t need to be signed by the president. In the House, such a resolution is designated H. Res. and gets a number, and in the Senate, it becomes S. Res.

Joint resolution
A joint resolution is virtually identical to a bill. Contrary to what one would expect given the name, it can be proposed in either the House or the Senate and it goes through the same procedures as a bill and must be signed into law by the president.

One slight difference between a bill and a joint resolution is that a joint resolution frequently has a preamble, a paragraph explaining the justification for the bill with all the “Whereas” resolving clauses that are a feature of legislative language. Joint resolutions are also used to amend bills already under consideration. A joint resolution gets the designation H.J.Res. in the House and S.J.Res. in the Senate.

The only time a joint resolution differs in its procedure for consideration is when it’s an amendment to the Constitution. Then it has to be approved by two-thirds of both houses to pass, and it’s also sent to the states for ratification rather than being signed (or not) by the president.

So, all I have to do is write up what change I want to see. Submit it to a congressman, and ask that it be presented for legislation. Possibly get 10,000 signatures. And push it to people in the communities. It can’t be that difficult.

With the recent rise of the Tea Party and the strong pushes for general conservitism, people might actually get behind a few of these ideas.

The big one that I would want to push is Mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients. After that, maybe move on to the term limits for elected officials. George Washington, our greatest leader of all time, knew that leaching off of the system was a bad thing. He stressed against it. Be it welfare, career politicians, or any general sort of government sponsored tyrany.

Could I write a bill to weed out the druggies? Sure. Will I? Possibly. I’m actually looking in to it now.

The government is by the people and for the people. They aren’t our protectors or our parents.

Last I checked, each of us reading this are one of the people. There is no reason we can’t try and make positive change.

How do I do my taxes?

This is a very good question.

How do I do my taxes?

Well, considering the drop dead date of April 15th is quickly coming… if you haven’t done them yet, you might be in a bit of trouble.

Since this isn’t a “how-to” for the process, I won’t be giving an actual step by step. What I WILL be doing is telling you about my personal experiences.

I file my taxes online.

I do it through a site called TAXFREEDOM.com.

It runs off of turbo tax and they LOVE the military. I do my federal filing for free. My state filing was free. And it was QUICK.

I think my taxes took me a little less than an hour this year. Considering I got nearly $8,000 back from the federal government, I consider it a decent use of my time. The refund was in my grubby little hands 4 days after hitting submit. I couldn’t honestly ask for a better tax return experience.

They hold on to my records from the last 10 years of filing with them, and I can access my information at ANY time.

It’s pretty cool.

Remember kids… thats http://www.taxfreedom.com



Hipsters… Ugh.

Horn rimmed black glasses.
A Mackbook Pro under their arm.
PBR in their hand.
Skinny Jeans.
A scarf regardless of the weather.
Liberal ideas and attitudes.
Only travel on a fixed gear bicycle.
Side swept hair.
Vegan or Vegetarian.
Only shop at Whole Foods.
Like independant, no-name crappy bands that no one has heard of.
Wear a headband and/or v-neck shirts/sweaters.
Carry a shoulder strap messenger bag.
Underground mentalities.
And the ever so common, but popularly labeled “underground free thinking” mentality.
All of it based off of IRONY!

These are the signs of a hipster.

I cannot STAND hipsters.

Unfortunately, hipsters are currently the bread and butter of the Occupy movement. Another thing that I cannot stand.

Want to see another of their most recent charades?


This is a travesty. This is unacceptable. And while I believe that this is within their first amendment rights, and I wouldn’t say they can’t do it. It still find it to be complete and utter trash. (This is MY 1st amendment right speaking BTW).

Lousy hipsters. Take a bath, get a haircut, and get a job.


Every Vote Matters

Do you vote?

There are so many people that I know that like to use the excuse of “my vote doesn’t make a difference”.
This statement right here is what my entire gripe is about this time around.
A few years back when I lived in the Ketchikan Alaska (Beautiful area BTW) there was a vote going on for the Washington State governors seat. The race was between Dino Rossi and Christine Gregoire.
Now, at the time I knew that I needed to vote but I still didn’t have an eye for politics or and understanding of what my actions would mean for the population at large.
Well, my absentee ballot showed up and I was excited. I was going to make my marks on the paper and my opinion was going to “matter”. Or so I kept telling myself.
Well, there were many propositions on the ballot and I had an understanding of what I wanted to pass. What taxes I considered fair, and what levies I wanted to pass and so forth. Well, I got to the governors ticket on the ballot and I wasn’t really sure what I was looking at.
I know that being a conservative I should be picking a republican over a democrat, but I didn’t really know what each member stood for. On this ballot in particular, it just had names and did not specify an R or a D.
So, like so many other retards in the state of Washington, I simply picked a name at random.
A few weeks later I was reading up on who the candidates were and how they were counting votes.
Well, there was a disagreement between Mr. Rossi Mrs. Gregoire on who had actually won the race.
THREE recounts later, it was determined that Christine Gregoire had won the race by a grand total of THIRTEEN votes.
Think about that for a moment. Of all the people in the state of Washington, there had to have been at least three retards like me that picked the wrong candidate on their ballot.
Yeah, you read that right… I voted for Christine Gregoire.
It honestly was NOT my best moment. I actually regret it now, and I am committed to ensuring that I know my candidates before casting my vote now. I even watch/listen to the debates.
Because of my stupid mistake, the wrong person (IMO) won the race for Washington state governor.
So, this returns me to my original point of this post.
Does your vote matter?
YES! Yes it does.
Every vote matters.
I know from personal experience.

If we could only get people to actually vote according to their own conscience instead of along party lines, or if we could get them to vote for who they actually want instead of who they think they have to pick from then I’m pretty sure things would shape up a little bit differently.
Now, I don’t consider myself to be any sort of political pundit, in fact I know very little when it comes to politics, but it doesn’t change the fact that I have an opinion.
And what you just read is exactly that…
My opinion!

Oh, and just because it actually matters…. BE SURE TO VOTE!

What am I looking at?

You might wonder what it is that you are seeing right now.
Well, it’s actually quite easy.
I enjoy World of Warcraft.
I enjoy Politcs.
I enjoy Religion.
I enjoy my Job.
So, i’m writing about everything that I enjoy.
If you are hoping to find a good resource for WoW, then you will probably want one of the blogs my wife writes for.
Anything else is gonna be hit or miss. It’s mostly random, mostly angry, and really makes almost no sense when bundled together.
I hope you consider my rants to be even a little worth listening to.