It’s only 280 miles.

The distance isn’t that far. It really isn’t. However, I’m faced with an infuriating situation.
I am current;y “underway” breaking ice on the Mackinaw. The job in and of itself isn’t a big deal, however where I’m at and what I’m doing right now is irritating me.
I live in Cheboygan Michigan. But right now I’m sitting moored at a pier in Port Huron Michigan.
My wife and kids are sitting back home and I’m sitting on the boat.
See, the distance isn’t great, but I can do NOTHING about getting closer to them.
I miss my family and my wife more than anything else right now. It’s heart breaking how much I miss them. It’s angering how much I want to be where I could hold and hug my wife and kids.
But… I’m sitting on the boat. At a pier. With NOTHING within walking distance.
Almost a prisoner of this place.
really… It’s not that far…