Two SIMPLE ways to grow.

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Leadership is one of those things that can’t rally be handed to you in a few short steps.

It has to be grown. It has to be clutivated. You have to pay attention to what you are doing under a very broad set of guidelines in order to improve, and it isn’t something where the same method will work in all cases. It’s like trying to nail jello to a wall. You can’t really do it effectivly unless you have purchased a Jell-o brand Wall Nailer.

I’m kidding about the wall nailer, but I’m serious about the rest. Leadership, to those that aren’t involved regularly, is a very difficult thing to grasp. I am currently trying to grasp it myself. I have a basic understanding of what is asked of me, but being able to put actions in to practice has been proving difficult. The big spot where I have been failing is caused by me not knowing what actions I have to actually put in to practice.

As with so many other things in my life, the answer was handed to me by my father some years back.

Two books were handed to me as a child.

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen


How to Win Friends and Influence Other People by Dale Carnegie

(You can click the titles for their Wiki Links, also available for PDF download at the end of this post.)

These two books, for at least a little while after I read them (thanks to my ADD), change my life. They teach me how to deal with people. How to lead. How to be sincere. How to have the positive attitude required for success in a world that prefers to destroy people.

From self actualization as put out by James Allen, to the finer points of making anyone like you, winning ANY argument, and getting people to do what you want and making them think it’s their idea as coming from Dale Carnegie… These books are AMAZING!

I’ll be frank, they are a great toilet read. If you’re sitting in the bathroom, read a chapter. Sitting in the car, read a chapter. Sitting in church and the sermon is bland and you can’t pay attention, read As a man thinketh.  You don’t have to devote weeks on end to these great works of literary management. A minute here, two minutes there, and every time you read you WILL learn something.

I can’t stress it enough how good these two books are.

In fact, since I’m sure you would enjoy them, I’ve taken the liberty of linking to their online (and downloadable) PDF versions so that you can actually see and read what I’m talking about.

Not just exceprts, but the whole thing.

Read them. Print them if you want. Just take a look.

I promise you won’t be dissapointed.

Oh, and since I said I would provide them, here are the links to the full books.

AS A MAN THINKETH by James Allen [download]


The butchers have our flag.

How do you think those around you would feel if they knew that 2,000 years from now the central point behind all of the major wars would be contesting around who has posession of a flag?

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I recently picked up Tribes: Ascend. You can read about it HERE. I realize that I don’t have many friends that play the kind of games that I play, but it doesn’t stop me from trying to put the resources out there for people to use. If you recall, I put together a post like this about the game Descent a while back.

Anyways, this post is a lot like the one I did about Descent, except I’m doing it about Tribes.

The majority of the information I’m putting up here was gleaned from the Hi-Rez Tribes Forums. The post can be found HERE.

Simply put, Tribes is a game of massive multi-player warfare where teams consist of 32 vs. 32 players. It’s on an epic scale. It can be deathmatch, Capture the Flag, or a handful of other game modes. Deathmatch and CTF being the most popular.

While you can run around on the ground, you also have a fancy jetpack that can propel you forward or up in to the air. Adding this extra dimension of movement makes the game faster, more difficult, and way more entertaining than you would think it could be.

There have been a number of Tribes games that have released over the years.  Now, to save you some heartache, I’m only providing information for two or three of them because some don’t get played anymore.

First was Starsiege: Tribes

This is was created the genre of tribes style games that included the jetpack. It doesn’t get played much anymore and those that do are usually on the higher end of elite and don’t take well to newcomers. If you consider yourself a glutton for punishment though, you can snag it here.

Then there was Tribes 2.

Man, this game was AWESOME. It is still being supported by the fan community over at TribesNext. You can go there to download the entire thing. OR… you can just click HERE.

Some people complained that they wanted a storyline above the shoot, kill, repeat model that had been in place for years. So, they brought out…

Tribes: Vengeance

This game was good in my opinion. I enjoyed the story. The game play was solid. There were a few new features and I had a good time with the single and multiplayer.

The game isn’t played online by many people anymore, BUT, the single player campaign is TOTALLY worth playing.

Want to give it a shot? Click HERE

Okay, now we have moved into the modern era …

Tribes: Ascend.

Again, you can go look at the post I put up about it for more information (I reccommend this!), but if you wanna just skip the whole thing, then you can always just GO HERE and download the game. It’s quick, easy, and fun to play.

So, there you go. It’s all the basic info you need.


Tribes 1

Tribes 2

Tribes Vengeance

Tribes Ascend

An AMAZING explaination of the Game and the mechanics.

Click Here for that.

And my personal thoughts on the whole thing.

Right here!

Pick it up. Play it. Enjoy it.

It really is fun.

I promise.