SWE Jitters

So, my Service Wide Exam is coming up on the 5th at 12:30pm.

I’m nervous.

150 Questions.

3 Hours

The possibility to promote to E-7.

Now, I see only two possibilities on this test, and they are thus:

Possibility the First: I will write very high on the test. However, I will not promote. I will walk around angry, dejected, and bitter for approximately 4 months before carrying on and preparing for the next servicewide in May of 2010. This is the most likely option.

Possibility the Second: I will write very high on the test. However I WILL promote. But then, i’ll be all like… “Really?! Seriously… WTF… How did that happen? Well Crap”. And then I will be a Chief.

Honestly? Both options scare me.