I have been betrayed.

I have actual proof!

I’m serious, something in this world is conspiring against me.

 I’m aware that as you get older some things change. Voice, physique, tolerance for liberals (decreased!), and various other things.

Well, while shaving this morning, I took note of the graying I am getting around my ears. I know that is happening and I’m slowly coming to terms with it.

BUT, where the betrayal is taking place is slightly less comforting.

 Look at this AMAZING self portrait.



You will notice that I have amazingly thick, dark, and lush eyebrows. I’m very proud of those dark brown squirrels that sleep above my eyeballs.


While combing through them this morning, I stumbled on something….





SERIOUSLY! This isn’t cool.

Hiding beneath  those fuzzy manly forests of upper eyeball hair is… White, Grey, Lighter brown, EVIL.

I’m not cool with my eyebrows changing color.

This is unacceptable.