Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare

Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare.

Seriously? Is it possible to be too honest?

Let’s chew on some deliciously salty food for thought, shall we?


-Yes honey, that dress DOES make your butt look big.

-Actually potential mate who happens to be a single mother, I find kids to be irritating and gross.

-No, I actually find organic food to be a supreme waste of money.

-No darling child, I love you and your siblings all the same.


Honesty is NOT always the best policy.

I’m sorry, but in my personal world view, I find that occasionally there is a time where shading the truth, omitting facts, or flat out ignoring something is going to be the best option available. No questions asked, hands down.

If we lived in a world where everyone was 100% honest 100% of the time in regards to 100% of all the things, then I believe we would find a way to cope with it. In fact, I believe it would make SOME things better.

Examples? Of course I have examples.

-ANYTHING politically charged! I’d like to see what the president had to say if he couldn’t lie for a few days.

-Courting rituals! Is this a one night stand or is he/she actually looking for love?

-Poker? Actually, this would ruin poker, but I’m sure we could come up with a new game if we tried.

-Fast food advertising! I’d like to see a poster that actually showed what a taco bell burrito looked like when they used truth to sell it.

***SIDE NOTE!***

Taco Bell burritos actually look like they are advertised. It’s everything else that doesn’t look accurate. I mean seriously, how hard is it to screw up the sale of a tortilla.

Regardless, back to the rant.


Truth is subjective to the situation where it is used in our current society. My religious roots tell me that the ability to choose… to choose right from wrong, good from evil, or truth from fiction is essential to our trial and purpose to being on this earth. Taking away ones free agency is something that would defeat the entire purpose of being here.

So… truth or dare… it’s a valid question. I choose truth simply because it is USUALLY the easiest method.

But are there times where it’s not the best option? Absolutely. It’s just up to the individual to determine when those situations arise.


*** Secondary side note!***

Darling wife: No, that dress does NOT make your butt look big.

Former Potential Mate: I do ACTUALLY like kids.

Organic Food Hippie: Sorry, Organic food IS still a scam. Sorry. And get a haircut you dirty hippie!

Loving children: I do love you equally! Sometimes I like one of you more than the other, but I LOVE you equally! (Don’t hate! I believe there is a difference between liking someone and loving someone. Deal with it!)


My blood runs cold at the utterance of these words…

I have learned over the years that there are certain combinations of words that you just don’t want to hear from your children as a parent. I haven’t heard ALL of these yet, but I know I don’t want to hear them.


-Would you like to see my piercing?

-Mom, Dad… I got her pregnant.

-I know I’m only 13 daddy, but Snake and I are in love!

-Where do we keep the fire extinguisher?

-I think someone pooped in the bathtub.

Most of these things are fairly stereotypical. You hear about them in movies. But of all the things you could hear (Either fake or real) the one that stops me in my tracks the fastest is this…

“Dad, What’s for dinner?”

CRAP! I have no flippin clue. It’s only four thir…… DOUBLE CRAP! It’s almost SIX.

Mom’s not home to yell at me to make something which means I’m on my own here. This isn’t that big of a deal since I do the cooking every night anyways. But now I have to come up with something quick, easy, and that they will ACTUALLY eat.

Might as well go paint a chapel ceiling cause’ that will be WAY easier than THIS task.

Okay, seriously, what to make for dinner.

After a quick look in the cupboard I realize I don’t have a lot of quick and easy stuff. Lots of meats and such, but not a lot that’s fast.

Suddenly, I spy the pasta.

I’m making spaghetti tonight.

spaghetti, dinner, pasta, noodle, sauce


Freaking SWEET! I love spaghetti, but my family hates it. Every last one of them. Seriously… how does one make it this far in their life and NOT eat spaghetti? It’s a freaking staple of civilized society for the love of Odin.

Well, I know I want spaghetti, so now I gotta figure out a way to make the kids eat it. I have garlic bread, and I know they will eat that, but that doesn’t solve my spaghetti problem.

garlic, bread, dinner, spaghetti, cheese, butter, garlic, salt, yummy

While I’m digging through the freezer looking for something that I could make other than the awesome pasta that I have running through my head, I moved around a bag of Rhoades Bread Dough. (I love that stuff).

rhodes, bread, dough, cowboy, bread

I didn’t think too much about it at the exact moment I saw it but by the time I made it upstairs, I knew what I was going to do.

Genius had struck!

Okay, before we go any further with the dinner train of thought, I need to give a short backstory.

backstory, back, story, shark, lincoln, brain, red, hair, beard

I grew up eating something called “Cowboy Bread”. That stuff was AMAZING. Deep fried bread type substance that my mom made on occasion. Apparently, my uncles wouldn’t eat elephant ears when they were kids back in the 50’s so my grandmother called it “Cowboy Bread” because my uncles were always playing cowboys and indians. My mother picked up the term and it stuck. So this amazing bread that I ate as a kid was simply re-branded fried bread dough. Simple enough, but freaking amazing with a little bit of cinnamon and sugar.

I apologize, my back stories are usually WAY WAY better than this. I might not have the commitment to that one that I should.. but meh. Whatever.

Okay, so I’m walking up the stairs from the basement and inspiration hits. Instead of calling it spaghetti, I’m calling it… uhm… canned noodles? No, they’ll figure that out. Uhm… “Super Spaghetti”?…. HA, even I’m not dumb enough to fall for that. ooohh…. I got it… “Potted Lasagna”.  (Turns out it wasn’t even a real thing yet… I might have to patent this one.)


So, as I’m standing in the kitchen, before I open anything, I yell to the kids…

“HEY! Who wants potted lasagna?”

Hayden: Uhm… sure.

Lillie: Okay.

Dinner is ON!

grinch, gif, mister, meme

So I make the noodles, and I throw the sauce in the pan afterwards  (which I never do) and I let the whole thing cool off a tad. I throw a little shredded cheese in the bottom of a bowl. I top it with the spaghetti and I top it with a touch more shredded cheese.

Now people, for all intents and purposes, THIS IS LASAGNA! I don’t care how you slice it… It’s freaking lasagna.

So, Lillie devoured hers in a heartbeat. Hell, she even asked for seconds. Now if I had told her that she was eating spaghetti, she would have freaked the hell out. But… this did not happen. Dinner for her was a success.

However there is the issue of Hayden. This kid is WAY smarter than I honestly give him credit for. I set that bowl down in front of him and he stopped. He looked at me and stared for a moment. Three words escaped his ever truthful lips… “This is spaghetti”.

f7u12, fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu, rage, guy, face, meme, 4chan, reddit, comic

Well crap.

I had to poke, prod, bargain, urge, yell, plead, cry, and cajole, but I finally got the boy to eat. I dunno if I’ll be trying that one again with him any time soon. But for Lillie, it was a stellar success.

Now I gotta figure out what I’m making for dinner tomorrow.


30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 6

Okay, day 6 states that I have to post a picture of somethign that makes me happy.

I looked at that challenge and said, “This is simple. BAM! A picture of Andrea”.


But I realized that this is what I ALWAYS do. No, not this time.

As much as I LOVE and adore my wife and children, this time this will be about something other than my family that makes me smile. Don’t get me wrong, my family makes me happier than most anything on this earth, but since we assume that this is a given, we’ll move on to the next best option.

 What you are seeing here is a rendered version of a scene from Descent. Now, it isn’t this game in particular that I want to write about. The shot is more of an analogy. Maybe a metaphor. Possibly some other word that says it means something other than it looks like. I forget, but that’s not important.

The thing I’m trying to represent here is video games in general. I play them. I enjoy them. Some of them make me smile. Some piss me off. Some make me think. Some I just like to look at. Others I am finally begining to play.

There is so much of my life that has been affected by video games.

I have a few that top my list of favorites and those I believe I will point out in the future.

Well, it’s TECHNICALLY the future now from when you read those last lines, so I guess I’ll tell you about them now.



5. Super Mario Bros. series on NES

I spent way too many summers playing this bugger. Be it with or without cheats, I enjoyed it. I played with my brothers and sisters in nearly every house I lived in growing up. This is the epitome of nostalgia in my book. LOVE IT!

4. Metroid

Metroid is one of those games where I love the premise of the game. I love the physics. I love the controls. I love the exploration and the ability to wind up in some really strange places…. but…. I never beat the game. Hell, in all reality, this game scares the ever living daylights out of me. Dunno why. But it’s still one of my favs.

3. Tribes

“Trust me, I work at Gamestop”. Worst words ever to hear. Best game that could have ever been suggested by that guy. I still think he was a tool though.

2. Warcraft Series

From RTS, to point and click, to MMO… The warcraft and Starcraft universes  make me smile. I love the lore. the storylines. the graphics. the ideas behind the game. And hey, Jaina is kinda hot. LOL. Regardless, with the amount of time invested in this series, it’s up there in the top 5 for a reason.

1. Descent

I played descent for way too many years. I still pick it up from time to time even. The game makes me sick to play. It’s scary at times. And no one I know plays because they were never able to get ansy good at it. Let’s not forget though, I have the super power known as ADD, so a lot of things like this I wind up being really good at. Take battletech for example. I’m CRAZY GOOD at that game.

But that isn’t the point. The point is that I enjoy video games, and some board games. And it is those forms of entertainment that give me the opportunity to escape the real world for a little bit, enjoy some time either alone or with others, and let my imagination run wild.

So, what is it that makes me happy? (Other than my family which is my true #1)

Video games.

Sorry, it’s true



My adorable wife

So, my lovely wife has picked up her magical pen once more and has started writing again. The theme changes often and you never know exactly what you’re going to get depending on the blog she is working on. However, I can promise you that you will rarely be dissapointed at what she writes.

Andrea is AMAZING! She’s fluent, shes charismatic, and she has an amazing way with words. She doesn’t skimp on links, credit, or content.

You can find her blog HERE.

Take a look.


In and Out and In and Out and In and…

So, to make a long story very short, I just finished moving back in to my house.

First, I moved out of the house. You should see the process involved in moving out. In fact, you’re going to see it even if you don’t want to because the pictures are already on your screen.


Now that the pictures are off of the walls, I can start packing stuff.

GAH! Now it’s a mess.


There we go, most everything is out.


But now that I moved out, I moved back in. (This process happened twice for a number of reasons.)


I got the last of my worldly posessions out of my storage unit and in to my house. They are still in boxes, taken apart, and sitting all over the place, but they are at least sitting inside my house.

There is a funny thing about houses and homes but I’ll get in to that in a minute. For now, I am wanting to point out that my stuff is in the house.

I put my table and chairs back up in the kitchen. I got the dressers back in to the bedrooms. My clothes are in drawers instead of a seabag. I am slowly moving back in.

As soon as my medical stuff is taken care of I still plan on having the movers take my crap out of here and I’ll move on to the ship. But for now, I’m back in the house.

The house. That is an interesting statement.

I have lived in this house for a little over two years. Up till about July of this year, this was my home. But now, it’s just a house.

I remember right after I got married I was excited about having a home of my own. My wife and I had a little two bedroom apartment in Reedsport Oregon. It was a small place but it was home. We only had a 13 inch TV, a mattress on the floor, and a glider rocker that my lovely wife sat in while she was pregnant. This simple apartment was Home. We moved around with the Coast Guard and in each place we went to, that was home. Just like those previous houses, this one in Michigan was home.

After a series of events took place, the family moved out and I was left here alone. Suddenly, within a matter of moments, this home became a house.

The laughter of my children, the thudding of feet down a hallway, the constant mess of chips, soda cans, and papers from school… all of it was gone.

This home is now a house.

And I just finished moving back in.

I guess I have some boxes to go unpack.


For the moment, this is what I like.

I was sitting in my half packed house this afternoon and I was thinking about things that make me happy right now. This is the list I came up with.

NICS: I love this show. The characters aren’t too deep. You know the case is always going to be solved. And it has the military in it. That makes me happy.

Law & Order: SVU: Another show I really enjoy. It doesn’t always end the way I want it to, but this show keeps me on edge. It’s a GREAT way to burn an afternoon.

National Geographic: Some of the most amazing learning opportunities I have had in the last few weeks have been because of NatGeo. Did you know babies automatically hold their breath when dunked underwater? I never knew that.

Pepsi: Really, do I need to explain this one?

Music: This has the power to alter moods, increase energy, put me into a focused state, and allows me to remember all sorts of stuff. I like nickelback. I’m not ashamed of that. Their new album? It’s pretty good. Blue October? Yeah, I like them too. I’m really digging music right now.

High Quality Pillows: I have slept on cardboard (literally), feathers, cotton, polyester, silk, satin, leather, denim, and a whole slew of other things. You really can’t beat a good high quality medium density cotton pillow wrapped in super high thread count cotton pillow cases. Seriously, this is what makes going to bed worth it each night. Well, that and my next line item.

Hand Made Quilts: There is something amazing about a good heavy home made quilt. My sister in law Rhonda made me one for christmas 10 years back. I still use it. It’s still in great condition. It is honestly my favorite blanket in my house. It goes underway with me. I travel with it. And if I’m going to be anywhere, you can bet that my good pillow and my good quilt are going to be there with me.

My Computer: Speaking of things that go everywhere with me, I take my laptop almost everywhere. Couple that with my cell phone (I love my phone because of what it can do. Except for the phone part. I hate having a phone. Text and apps are all I really need. LOL) and I have everything I need. My Pillow, Blanket, and Computer.

Backpacks: Women have purses. Rich guys have nice watches. Poor hobos have shopping carts that only have ONE wobbly wheel. Me? I have my backpack. My current bag cost me $109.99 at best buy 18 months ago. I love this bag. I love backpacks the same way women love purses. I’m always looking at them and trying to find what my next awesome bag will be. I have only owned a few really awesome ones, but I am happy with the ones I’ve owned.

Craftsman Wrenches: I don’t use hand tools very often other than a screwdriver or hammer (Or my telecom tools that I work my trade with), but I like my hand tools. They are shiny. They have a solid weight that sits heavily in my hand. There is something satisfying about them. I really like hand tools.

This may seem like an odd mix of things, but this is what I think about right now that makes me happy. I know that some people (You know who you are) may be asking me where my family, church, or job are at on this list. Well, those items are for a DIFFERENT list so deal with it.

Once again, I don’t know how to close the post. So… I’m done.


I have never had good luck with pets in my family.

For one thing, I never had them growing up. That makes it difficult to deal with them when you are older.

Second, I’ve never had good luck with actually getting GOOD pets from any real source. Allow me to explain.

I had a carnival fish growing up. It died. Big shock there, I know.

Next, I had 15 goldfish that I actually paid for. Those fish grew up for about a year and got quite big. They followed my mother around in their tank. They waited for us to come feed them. It was kind of cool. However, one day it was time to get rid of them and I had to find a place for them. This is where my lovely wife (Then Girlfriend) came in to play. I asked Andrea if she wanted them. Of course, she was the giggly girlfriend  at the time and she was happy to take them. Well, over the course of the next few months she grew tired of them (As most people do) and opted to let them die off. So, she didn’t feed them and didn’t change the water. FOUR MONTHS LATER…. They are still alive and kicking. I think they were eventually just flushed. They were just feeder fish after all.

Lets fast forward a few months, Andrea and I are running some farm animals back and forth. We had a few ducks, a rabbit, and a goat I think. We were dropping them off at a party my brothers place of work was throwing. After the party, we were offered a duck.  We said yes. So, for about 7 minutes we owned a duck. I think we decided it was a bad idea and we wound up letting it go in the wild. Not sure how it turned out for the duck honestly.

Hmm, after that came a Rabbit. We named her Onyxia. She was grey. We had her in Haydens room for a good solid year. We were getting ready to transfer and we wound up giving her to my Chief from work. He promptly took her to the neighbors house and they made stew. We never told Hayden. Andrea didn’t even find out till about 6 weeks later what happened.

After that came JJ. He was a beagle. We owned him for a week flat. After he decided my things make good chew toys and was too skiddish to play with the kids, we decided he had  to go back to the pound.

And then there was Rosy. She’s a big fat 5 year old female cat. I still own her. She doesn’t do much. Just sits there. Eats. Poops. And rubs up on you after the kids go to bed. Shes terrified of Lillie. And honestly, if I were that size, I would be too. I can’t help but chuckle at that.

And then came Issabella. A pure bred german shepherd puppy. Her brother had to be put down due to a neurological issue, so I only owned her for about 2 weeks before she was given back to the man that purchased the two of them.

And now I’m left with a cat who doesn’t even live with me right now.

Honestly… my luck with pets has really stunk.

Gimme the goods.











The list goes on and on.

I would spend about 8 hours writing e-mails. I would word them very carefully. Each syllable was important. The place? The hours? The food to be enjoyed? The number of people? What each played? Our proximity to the nearest Taco Bell? Down to the finest letter I would define my event. And then I would ask, ever so politely, for some sort of corporate sponsorship.

Sometimes it didn’t work.

Sometimes it did. I didn’t have to buy shirts for almost 6 years because of it.

Sometimes it was a poster, others it was hardware, software, and vouchers for games.

Between the ages of 15 and 19 were the glory years for the LAN party.

I threw quite a few of them. Sometimes, it was 4 people, sometimes it was 32. It really depended on what was taking place. Where I lived. Where I worked. And what kind of budget I was working with.

The extent of this post is memories that I have in regards to those potent years as a teenager where I considered myself to be the ringmaster of my gaming life. However, before I get too far in to the meat and potatoes of the stories, I figure I’ll explain why I’m writing on this topic today.

Being in the Coast Guard, I spend time underway away from home, family, friends, and life in general. Being out here, I work with people, some of whom game. Most of us have stories of LAN parties or playing games at home. Well, we were playing Counter-Strike recently and after a few hours, and a half dozen people playing, we were reveling in how we haven’t had this much fun since se were teenagers. It was a small revival that reeked of nostalgia. We told stories of troubleshooting, gaming, being amped up on caffeine, being hopped up on tacos, and the heartbreak of  power outages and broken CD’s. Because of the nostalgia that I experienced, it caused me to reflect on what we were doing, what I had done, and some of the experiences that I had that forged who I am today as a gamer. Sure, I played World of Warcraft for 7 and a half years, but really, that wasn’t gaming. That was an addictive lifestyle that required way to many number crunches, DPS races, and socialization in a world that attempted to replace the one I live in. I enjoyed it, but it really can’t hold a candle to what I used to play and do.

So, let me share some stories of my gaming life and maybe you can smile, smirk, laugh, facepalm, or even just stare blankly asking what the hell I was thinking. Because there are a few of those.

Here we go.

I opened with talking about sponsors. Well, part of the LAN party experience is having the ability to say you are sponsored by someone. The ability to hand out prizes, gifts, and general garb  is a big selling point to your event. And thankfully, I had more than one opportunity to do that. One time, I petitioned Heat.Net to sponsor us, and they did. They sent me 25 t-shirts. That party was AWESOME! There were 12 of us in attendance, we each got a shirt, and I was able to hand a few out to friends, family, and have 4 left over for myself. That was what opened the sponsorship grab bag for me. I wound up writing 3DfX after a few weeks and asked for the same thing. Just a simple sponsorship for our hometown event, nothing huge. They complied. We received two joysticks, a soundcard, a mouse, three games, a stack of posters, t-shirts, hats, and stickers. A mother-lode as far as I was concerned. By far, that was the best haul we had ever had and it still stands as being the epitome of such. We never got more than that. But honestly, it’s okay. It gave us the idea of what sponsors could do for us. I still have one of the shirts. My brother still has the sound card. And I still have the pictures from the event. It was amazing. Held in a dusty basement of my best friend at the time Rocky Howell. Rocky, if you are reading this, hit me up, we can share some stories some time.

Getting free garb was always awesome.

While thinking about this, it leads me to remember my very first party. The party wasn’t the important part though. It was what took place about 4 days prior to the party. Thinking back on this 14 years later, I can’t help by hang my head, cover my face with my palm, and swear at the floor because I was a fool.

Let me paint the scene, my younger brother and I were sitting at home.  For some unholy reason, my saint of a mother opted to give us both permission to have our respective girlfriends over to the house that night. A movie you say? With a girl you say? Hells yeah… I’m in!

Well, the girls showed up, the popcorn was popped, and the Lion King was put in to the VCR. (For those who don’t know because you are a young whipper-snapper, a VCR played TAPES. It was what we used before DVD’s.) Suddenly, my saint of a mother whips out the most disconcerting line I can remember her ever saying. (At the time, it wasn’t a big deal, right now?.?.? I realize the significance of it). What did she say? She put on her coat, grabbed my dads hand and said “We’re going out for a while, be good, and have fun”. She turned out the lights and walked out the door.  With a creaking swing and a click, suddenly it was two boys, two girls, two bowls of popped corn, and a movie… In the DARK!…….UNDER BLANKETS!


Why did she do this?
Now, I was a bit of an innocent buffoon at the time, and I tried to sell the girls on the idea of the LAN party. I even set up a few computers so they could see what I was talking about.  At the time, I couldn’t figure out why, but my brother and his girlfriend were pissed.

Looking back, I think I finally figured out why.

Yeah… not my most shining moment right there.


I really didn’t think that one through at the time.

I’ll give you a moment to sit back and let that story set in.

Alright… we good?


I figure this post has gone on for a while, so you get one more. Then I’ll wrap it up. So, I’ll try to make it a good one.

Leading up to a party that I helped throw at my friend Greg’s house, we were getting ready to make Root Beer. I know, I can hear you saying it already… “Home made root beer? That sounds DELICIOUS!”. Well, reader, it is. It is AMAZINGLY delicious. And we were going to make 20 gallons of the stuff. Sugar, water, flavor, and dry ice. Toss it in to the keg, put the bung in to the hole, and wait 24 hours. Tap it, and pour. DELICIOUS!

Well, the story takes an interesting twist. But it requires some back story. You see, Greg’s parents didn’t really keep the cleanest kitchen. It was clean, just really cluttered with lots of papers, dishes, tupperware, and carpet (carpet was on the floor, weird, I know. My grandma had that too. Hmmm… anyways.) . Now, there was a drop ceiling in this house. So it looked kinda like an office. Well, we had mixed in all the ingredients and we had just started to drop in the dry ice. A little bubbling was expected. After two pounds went in to the keg (A guess really, we didn’t know how much was actually needed), we put the bung in to the hole, grabbed a mallet and started beating it in. Done. Only 24 hours till the party and fresh home made root beer. No sooner than we had turned away from the keg, there was a loud BANG. The bung had popped out of the keg. There was a geyser of delicious root bear spewing from the keg. Straight up in to the air. Now, I know what you are thinking… A root beer geyser? That sounds AMAZING! And let me tell you, it was. But, there was enough force that it had blown out about 6 ceiling tiles, and there was root beer raining down EVERYWHERE in the kitchen.

I looked at Greg and I asked, “Greg, when does your mom get home?” We both eyed the clock. 20 minutes.

So, as any good child would do, we decided to cover it up!

We spend the next 19 minutes cleaning the kitchen. Dishes were in the dishwasher, papers were filed, stacked, or tossed. Windows washed. Ceiling tiles wiped down. Towels all over the carpet to soak up the mess. It was wild. We finished and had thrown the last of the towels in to the washer when the door opened. His mom walked in and saw the clean kitchen. Thinking we were sly, we said “Tuh-duh, we cleaned your kitchen”. She humored us for a moment and said thank you. But then stopped… looked around, and then looked at us both square in the eys and said “The keg exploded… didn’t it?”.

CRAP! How did she figure it out?

We said it did. She laughed, and then walked away. She was laughing the rest of the night at us. Not because it was funny, but because we were apparently retards. I don’t know really.

But, we salvaged about 5 gallons of delicious root beer. And we savored it the next night. It was mightily good.

Friends, readers, whomever…. I love gaming. I love the LAN parties. And I love the memories that are associated with those parts of my youth. I wouldn’t go back to live it again, because I’m happy as I am, but those were some mighty good days. I’m glad I got to live them.

Oh, and Adam and Jennifer… sorry about that.

It’s only 280 miles.

The distance isn’t that far. It really isn’t. However, I’m faced with an infuriating situation.
I am current;y “underway” breaking ice on the Mackinaw. The job in and of itself isn’t a big deal, however where I’m at and what I’m doing right now is irritating me.
I live in Cheboygan Michigan. But right now I’m sitting moored at a pier in Port Huron Michigan.
My wife and kids are sitting back home and I’m sitting on the boat.
See, the distance isn’t great, but I can do NOTHING about getting closer to them.
I miss my family and my wife more than anything else right now. It’s heart breaking how much I miss them. It’s angering how much I want to be where I could hold and hug my wife and kids.
But… I’m sitting on the boat. At a pier. With NOTHING within walking distance.
Almost a prisoner of this place.
really… It’s not that far…