In and Out and In and Out and In and…

So, to make a long story very short, I just finished moving back in to my house.

First, I moved out of the house. You should see the process involved in moving out. In fact, you’re going to see it even if you don’t want to because the pictures are already on your screen.


Now that the pictures are off of the walls, I can start packing stuff.

GAH! Now it’s a mess.


There we go, most everything is out.


But now that I moved out, I moved back in. (This process happened twice for a number of reasons.)


I got the last of my worldly posessions out of my storage unit and in to my house. They are still in boxes, taken apart, and sitting all over the place, but they are at least sitting inside my house.

There is a funny thing about houses and homes but I’ll get in to that in a minute. For now, I am wanting to point out that my stuff is in the house.

I put my table and chairs back up in the kitchen. I got the dressers back in to the bedrooms. My clothes are in drawers instead of a seabag. I am slowly moving back in.

As soon as my medical stuff is taken care of I still plan on having the movers take my crap out of here and I’ll move on to the ship. But for now, I’m back in the house.

The house. That is an interesting statement.

I have lived in this house for a little over two years. Up till about July of this year, this was my home. But now, it’s just a house.

I remember right after I got married I was excited about having a home of my own. My wife and I had a little two bedroom apartment in Reedsport Oregon. It was a small place but it was home. We only had a 13 inch TV, a mattress on the floor, and a glider rocker that my lovely wife sat in while she was pregnant. This simple apartment was Home. We moved around with the Coast Guard and in each place we went to, that was home. Just like those previous houses, this one in Michigan was home.

After a series of events took place, the family moved out and I was left here alone. Suddenly, within a matter of moments, this home became a house.

The laughter of my children, the thudding of feet down a hallway, the constant mess of chips, soda cans, and papers from school… all of it was gone.

This home is now a house.

And I just finished moving back in.

I guess I have some boxes to go unpack.



For the moment, this is what I like.

I was sitting in my half packed house this afternoon and I was thinking about things that make me happy right now. This is the list I came up with.

NICS: I love this show. The characters aren’t too deep. You know the case is always going to be solved. And it has the military in it. That makes me happy.

Law & Order: SVU: Another show I really enjoy. It doesn’t always end the way I want it to, but this show keeps me on edge. It’s a GREAT way to burn an afternoon.

National Geographic: Some of the most amazing learning opportunities I have had in the last few weeks have been because of NatGeo. Did you know babies automatically hold their breath when dunked underwater? I never knew that.

Pepsi: Really, do I need to explain this one?

Music: This has the power to alter moods, increase energy, put me into a focused state, and allows me to remember all sorts of stuff. I like nickelback. I’m not ashamed of that. Their new album? It’s pretty good. Blue October? Yeah, I like them too. I’m really digging music right now.

High Quality Pillows: I have slept on cardboard (literally), feathers, cotton, polyester, silk, satin, leather, denim, and a whole slew of other things. You really can’t beat a good high quality medium density cotton pillow wrapped in super high thread count cotton pillow cases. Seriously, this is what makes going to bed worth it each night. Well, that and my next line item.

Hand Made Quilts: There is something amazing about a good heavy home made quilt. My sister in law Rhonda made me one for christmas 10 years back. I still use it. It’s still in great condition. It is honestly my favorite blanket in my house. It goes underway with me. I travel with it. And if I’m going to be anywhere, you can bet that my good pillow and my good quilt are going to be there with me.

My Computer: Speaking of things that go everywhere with me, I take my laptop almost everywhere. Couple that with my cell phone (I love my phone because of what it can do. Except for the phone part. I hate having a phone. Text and apps are all I really need. LOL) and I have everything I need. My Pillow, Blanket, and Computer.

Backpacks: Women have purses. Rich guys have nice watches. Poor hobos have shopping carts that only have ONE wobbly wheel. Me? I have my backpack. My current bag cost me $109.99 at best buy 18 months ago. I love this bag. I love backpacks the same way women love purses. I’m always looking at them and trying to find what my next awesome bag will be. I have only owned a few really awesome ones, but I am happy with the ones I’ve owned.

Craftsman Wrenches: I don’t use hand tools very often other than a screwdriver or hammer (Or my telecom tools that I work my trade with), but I like my hand tools. They are shiny. They have a solid weight that sits heavily in my hand. There is something satisfying about them. I really like hand tools.

This may seem like an odd mix of things, but this is what I think about right now that makes me happy. I know that some people (You know who you are) may be asking me where my family, church, or job are at on this list. Well, those items are for a DIFFERENT list so deal with it.

Once again, I don’t know how to close the post. So… I’m done.