Hipsters… Ugh.

Horn rimmed black glasses.
A Mackbook Pro under their arm.
PBR in their hand.
Skinny Jeans.
A scarf regardless of the weather.
Liberal ideas and attitudes.
Only travel on a fixed gear bicycle.
Side swept hair.
Vegan or Vegetarian.
Only shop at Whole Foods.
Like independant, no-name crappy bands that no one has heard of.
Wear a headband and/or v-neck shirts/sweaters.
Carry a shoulder strap messenger bag.
Underground mentalities.
And the ever so common, but popularly labeled “underground free thinking” mentality.
All of it based off of IRONY!

These are the signs of a hipster.

I cannot STAND hipsters.

Unfortunately, hipsters are currently the bread and butter of the Occupy movement. Another thing that I cannot stand.

Want to see another of their most recent charades?


This is a travesty. This is unacceptable. And while I believe that this is within their first amendment rights, and I wouldn’t say they can’t do it. It still find it to be complete and utter trash. (This is MY 1st amendment right speaking BTW).

Lousy hipsters. Take a bath, get a haircut, and get a job.