/Shakes fist violently

Curse you!
Curse ALL of you.
I was on facebook (Evil entity that it is) and I had solicited for some assistance.
I asked my “friends” for some help coming up with a topic. Something good to write about. Something decent.
And what did I get? In a word… Nothing.
No help at all.
You all suck.
That’s right. Every last person on the internet.

Well, the lack of help actually inspired this trite little rant about having nothing to posts, so by failing, you technically win. But I’m not going to recognize it in every day conversation.

You can have your hollow victory.

I’m going to go find another can of root beer. I love that stuff.


What to play… what to play…

Full feelings of freedom?

Too much work.

Blowing up sarcastic jerks with no legs?

That game is too hard.

Epic space opera?

Storyline takes too much time.

Bending space and time for cake?

Motion sickness.

Epic mechanized assault?


See, the problem is this. I like playing a slew of video games. There are so many things that I personally enjoy. But I either don’t have the time to get in to the story line. Don’t have the intestinal fortitude to play for very long. Or don’t have people with whom I can play.

I started playing the World of Warcraft card game a while back and I enjoyed it immensely. The problem with this is that there is no one in my area that plays. There are no gaming stores where I can hook up with people for tournaments. And I don’t spend enough time at home being able to play with my wife. Add to that the fact my kids want to “help” and it makes it all the more difficult.

Really, I have a decent amount of downtime, but it isn’t all in one chunk so I can’t really sit down and play through a single game and because of my ADD, I can’t really play a bunch of games successfully all at once. This is frustrating to me.

I really want to do something “fun” with my time, but I’m finding it difficult to do.
I’ve started really tearing through the scriptures and studying them in depth, but I can only do that for so long. And because of those that I live with on the ship, it’s very hard to find a quiet place where I can learn, study, and feel the spirit.

The internet is sketchy at best for me underway, so I can’t really play online, and surfing for the things I enjoy is difficult as well.

I really need to find a hobby. Either something I can do alone in short bursts, or something that I can really sink my teeth in to with those around me.

This has been a rant.