Once an orphan…

I’m sure you have heard the saying “Once and orphan, always an orphan”. Most people have. Well, there is an achievement in WoW called [Once an orphan]. The point was to go in to a battleground, and kill 10 players who have their orphans out during Children’s Week.

I thought it was an awesome idea for an achievement.

Well, those heartless pigs that don’t understand SARCASM throughout the world have apparently taken offense to what was intended to be a joke.

The achievement?

G O N E!

It’s not even in the game anymore. Apparently, enough people are convinced that their precious little feelings are so friggin important that they can push their ideals on everyone else.

Now, if there was a majority vote on this one, and 50.1% of the WoW population wanted it gone… then that’s fine. But when two or three wacked out complainers or activists get it in their head that this is “over the line” for a sarcastic joke in a game rated “T”… then something is wrong.

Anyways, back to children’s week.

This event is coming up quickly, and I’m excited. I’ll be underway on the ship for a while so I’m not positive that I’ll be here for it. But I really hope my wife likes me enough to complete it for me.

I really want the Achievement of [What a long strange trip it’s been]. That one is gonna rule!