Scenes From Underway – 3

Okay, so usually I have around 8-10 pictures to post.

This time, it’s only two.

We were sailing home and came upon some fairly heavy seas. I had the midwatch so I was already tired. ¬†However, we were taking some heavy rolls and as most of my friends and family know, I get VERY seasick. So much in fact that a few minutes in 2′-4′ rollers I start to get nauseated.

Well, for the first part of the watch, I was hunched over a trash can. The second part, the seas calmed and I had the chance to snap a picture. This is the ships inclinometer. It tells us how heavy the ship is rolling. In this case, the seas had calmed to FLAT. However, this device is still one of the many pieces of gear on board that taunts me.

What you are seeing here is a Cuttermans pin. It is worn on various uniforms and in various different capacities as a uniform item. In this case, it is attached to a Dress Blue Jacket with ribbons. I honestly never though I would wear one of these pins, but today I received my temporary cutterman designation. I’m VERY excited.

It was placed on my jacket and now sits there as another piece of bling that I’m allowed to wear while on board.

Woo! Go me.


I’ll snap a few more photos next time we get underway.