Lessons from the road

So, the visit to the head doctor in Ohio went well. Nothing really to report from that one. I’ll be meeting with my regular doctor in the next few days to confirm the findings.

I have learned a few interesting things in the last few days.

-I don’t like being referred to as a Tech Sergeant. I understand that to the Air Force that this is what an E-6 is, but last time I checked I was a First Class Petty Officer. In my military mind this is a huge difference.

-Cheese ravioli is delicious. Add some alfredo sauce and a bunch of shredded asiago and parmesan cheese and it’ amazing. Cheese ravioli with all of the above items the NEXT day at microwaved room temperature is NOT. I’ll be paying for that mistake later on this evening.

-Ohio has a LOT of adult book stores. Oddly enough, most of them are accessible from the highway. Who knew?

-I am often told that I am immature. I often think myself that I am being immature. However, after spending a few days with people that are under the age of 21, I have determined that I am nowhere near as childish as I originally thought. I would like to point out that I am grateful that my wife is not this type of immature either. Being older isn’t bad, in fact, I’m glad that I am as experienced as I am after all of this.

-I do NOT like the Toyota Yaris. That car is a death trap! That is a post all of its own later on.

– After sitting in close proximity to other people for 19 hours worth of car ride, I have determined that I really like the way my wife smells.

This is just a little bit of what I have learned over the last few days (or hours if you really want to get specific).