Thankful Thursday

I don’t keep up to date with the blog. It’s a very staggered thing for me.

I’ll crank out 6 or 7 posts in a week and then you won’t hear from me for 9 months. I have no idea why I’m like that.

Anyways, while looking in to personal improvement lately, I saw a recurring theme of forgiveness and love of ones self. Now, while I consider myself to be someone that forgives everyone for almost anything, I have noticed that my love of self is considerably lacking.

So, with that in mind, I am going to make an attempt to work on personal forgiveness. With that, I provide to you…


The premise is simple, what am I thankful for. This is my first attempt. Don’t judge me… too much.

  • Clean underwear right out of the dryer. : It’s snug, warm, and honestly fits amazing!
  • My left pinkie has 95% functional use. : I nearly lost my finger a year ago. The doctor said I might not even get 50% use back. The fact I have 95% is amazing to me. I can type with it again. Seriously, think about how much you use your pinkie while typing. I’m an I.T. by trade, I need that finger.
  • USA Network. : Where else am I going to get my NCIS and Law & Order fix? NCIS isn’t on Netflix unfortunately.
  • My pillow. : See my last post.
  •  Attention Deficit Disorder. : I’m naturally twitchy because of this. Some people consider it a disability, I consider it a super power. The ability to work on 4 things at once, or to surf the web in 7 different tabs at once, or to watch 4 TV shows at once is really kind of cool.
  • The Violin. : My wife knows how to play it. It’s such a soothing instrument to me. I don’t know why. Almost as good as my next line item.
  • The Piano.. : My mother tried to teach me to play. I fought her every inch of the way. What she DID do though was teach me a love of music and because of that, I find the piano to be one of the most amazing instruments on the planet. The hammers and wires create some of the most soulful, the most energetic, and the most nostalgic feelings within my world. I love the sound of a well tuned piano.
  • Headphones. : I like that I can seclude myself from the rest of the world simply by putting this little speakers over my ears. I love it.

Eight items should be enough for me right now.

This is what I’m thankful for.


For the moment, this is what I like.

I was sitting in my half packed house this afternoon and I was thinking about things that make me happy right now. This is the list I came up with.

NICS: I love this show. The characters aren’t too deep. You know the case is always going to be solved. And it has the military in it. That makes me happy.

Law & Order: SVU: Another show I really enjoy. It doesn’t always end the way I want it to, but this show keeps me on edge. It’s a GREAT way to burn an afternoon.

National Geographic: Some of the most amazing learning opportunities I have had in the last few weeks have been because of NatGeo. Did you know babies automatically hold their breath when dunked underwater? I never knew that.

Pepsi: Really, do I need to explain this one?

Music: This has the power to alter moods, increase energy, put me into a focused state, and allows me to remember all sorts of stuff. I like nickelback. I’m not ashamed of that. Their new album? It’s pretty good. Blue October? Yeah, I like them too. I’m really digging music right now.

High Quality Pillows: I have slept on cardboard (literally), feathers, cotton, polyester, silk, satin, leather, denim, and a whole slew of other things. You really can’t beat a good high quality medium density cotton pillow wrapped in super high thread count cotton pillow cases. Seriously, this is what makes going to bed worth it each night. Well, that and my next line item.

Hand Made Quilts: There is something amazing about a good heavy home made quilt. My sister in law Rhonda made me one for christmas 10 years back. I still use it. It’s still in great condition. It is honestly my favorite blanket in my house. It goes underway with me. I travel with it. And if I’m going to be anywhere, you can bet that my good pillow and my good quilt are going to be there with me.

My Computer: Speaking of things that go everywhere with me, I take my laptop almost everywhere. Couple that with my cell phone (I love my phone because of what it can do. Except for the phone part. I hate having a phone. Text and apps are all I really need. LOL) and I have everything I need. My Pillow, Blanket, and Computer.

Backpacks: Women have purses. Rich guys have nice watches. Poor hobos have shopping carts that only have ONE wobbly wheel. Me? I have my backpack. My current bag cost me $109.99 at best buy 18 months ago. I love this bag. I love backpacks the same way women love purses. I’m always looking at them and trying to find what my next awesome bag will be. I have only owned a few really awesome ones, but I am happy with the ones I’ve owned.

Craftsman Wrenches: I don’t use hand tools very often other than a screwdriver or hammer (Or my telecom tools that I work my trade with), but I like my hand tools. They are shiny. They have a solid weight that sits heavily in my hand. There is something satisfying about them. I really like hand tools.

This may seem like an odd mix of things, but this is what I think about right now that makes me happy. I know that some people (You know who you are) may be asking me where my family, church, or job are at on this list. Well, those items are for a DIFFERENT list so deal with it.

Once again, I don’t know how to close the post. So… I’m done.