Just STOP talking!

So, I  got out of bed this morning at 7am. That’s normal for me. I have to be to work before 8am. That’s plenty of time to squat shower and shave. Well, I laid down on the couch for what I thought would be an extra 10 minutes of sleep. Well, I was wrapped in this really comfortable fleece blanket. Well, lo and behold… I slept for a little more than 10 minutes. I SHOT UP at 10 minutes to 8. I was freaking out, running up and down the hall trying to get my son out of bed. Screaming like an idiot because I CAN NOT afford to be late for work again.

Well, I thrown on a uniform and push hayden down the stairs and jump in the car. We come screeching in to his school parking lot. I’m running about 25 minutes behind my normal schedule at this point. It’s about 7 minutes to 8 and I’m barely gonna make it on time if hayden would just hurry up and get OUT of the car!

Well, he gets out and starts up the stairs. I looked back to the front of the car only to see my BOSS standing in front of me.

Seriously… why the hell is my BOSS standing in front of my car, at my son’s school, preventing me from going anywhere when I’m allready late.

Really? That’s all I could say… was “Really?!”

Well, it turns out that my warrant officer/shop supervisor is also heavily involved in my sons school because the CWO’s wife works there and his son attends there. So thats not a big supprise to see him there. But this morning? C’mon… I’m late.

So, he and one of the other CWO’s from the base here in town walk over to the car and proceed to point out I’m running a little behind.

Allow me to illustrate.

CWO Andrews: You’re running a little late aren’t you IT1?

IT1 Me: Just a little Sir. But I’m gonna be there on time.

CWO Schaffer: You know that we’re voting on parent council today, don’t you IT1?

IT1 Me: Didn’t know that Sir. where do I sign.

{I pick 4 of 5 names for the next parent council}

(he points to a spot on the paper for me to sign and validate that I picked parent council members[I didn’t vote for the child molestors wife FWIW])

CWO Andrews: Thanks so much for voting IT1. By the way, did you just wash your car?

IT1 Me: I did Sir. But, I’m going to be late.

CWO Schaffer: You know, voting is important, it’s how…(at this point I stopped listening because I was LATE!)

IT1 Me: Well Sir’s, I’m running late, so I gotta run……

/me SLAMS on the accelerator


It was a short exchange that honestly just wasted three minutes of my life.

I got to the office, parked, RAN inside and sat down just in time for quarters. I made it by the skin of my teeth.

Well, I was explaining to the ET Chief what had happened, only to find out that if I WAS late because of that, since it was the Chief Warrant Officer that held me up, I would have been given a freebie on being late.

Great… Thanks Chief. You rock!

I made it to work.

I wasn’t late.


I voted this morning.

So far, it’s been an interesting day.